With his public admission that he paid 300 thousand euros for mediation in business projects that he wanted to realize in Macedonia, the Montenegrin tycoon, Miodrag Davidovic-Daka, is incriminating himself in a possible corruption scandal that is the reason for being investigated by Macedonian institutions.

After public prosecutor Vilma Ruskovska gave the green light to Minister Nake Culev and the police to look for evidence of a crime stemming from audio “bombs” published on YouTube, the Montenegrin businessmen could be arrested upon entering Macedonia.

One of the indications that Davidovic-Daka is part of a criminal scheme is the fact that in his public reaction he himself admits that he paid Zoran Milevski-Kiceec 300 thousand euros for consulting, mediation, advocacy and negotiation for business projects in Macedonia.

According to the Central Register in Macedonia, Zoran Mileski Kiceec has no registered company for this type of activity (consulting, mediation, logistics and advocacy), which may mean that the Montenegrin businessman gave the money in hand, which according to Macedonian law is illegal.

Daka’s admission in his public statement contains at least two indications for the crimes: one is “trading with influence” (because according to the audio leak Mileski arranges him a meeting with Zaev and later the general secretary of the government Raskovski is mentioned). The second potential offense is money laundering because if there is no precise certified agreement between two legal entities and bank transactions that show exactly why Daka is giving money to Mileski then the money is transferred illegally outside the Macedonian legal channels, writes Expres.mk.

In a statement for “360 degrees”, Daka explains his views on the published audio bomb, for which he says  everything is clean and does not publish the agreement with which he enters into a formal-legal relationship with Kiceec.

The abovementioned information and indications and Ruskovska’s statement are sufficient grounds for the Ministry of Interior to prosecute Daka as soon as he enters Macedonia, to invite him to come for an informative conversation at the Ministry of Interior or to ask the Montenegrin authorities to ensure his participation in the case that the Macedonian judicial authorities will launch.

One of the measures that the Macedonian authorities can take during the procedure to ensure his participation in clearing up the case is to freeze all assets, bank accounts and financial transactions of companies and properties that Daka owns in Macedonia.

Daka is considered one of the richest Balkan tycoons close to the SOC leadership with close ties to the Kremlin. According to his statement, he owns huge property in Macedonia.