The manager of the “Dream Building” company, Resul Loga, as a witness in Thursday hearing in the “International Association” case told the Skopje criminal court that they paid the defendant Bojan Jovanovski 350 thousand euros in cash to be part of the project for the construction retirement home.

“Dream Building” paid another 15 million denars to the account of the “International Association”, and Loga said that seeing the former SDSM MPs, Frosina Remenski and Aleksandar Kiracovski, gave them confidence that the project will succeed.

We gained confidence because there were people from the government, such as Frosina Remenski, Aleksandar Kiracovski who occasionally attended the meetings and seeing them you have confidence that the project will be realized, said Loga.

The witness pointed out that after the signing of the contract they paid 15 million denars and there was still a million and something left, but after the expiration of the 180-day period of the contract they asked to have the funds returned.

Within that period, they had to provide the location and the construction permit. It was not respected by the “International Association”. Mr. Bojan returned 155 thousand euros, said Loga.

This is another unfavorable testimony that does not benefit the defendants, after previously on March 24 Jovanka Stojanovska-Kuhar testified that she gave about 250 thousand euros to Boki 13 for a fake project after “selling her apartments in Skopje and Slovenia”.

Witness Resul Loga, who was the manager of the former “Dream Building” company, said the co-operation with the International Association took place through his partner Adrijan Amzovski.