An increase in wages in the private and public sectors, a minimum wage of at least 450 euros in the first 100 days of the new government, payment of food costs in the amount of 20 percent of the average salary and payment of transportation costs, the Federation of Trade Unions demanded at today’s protest organized on the occasion of International Labor Day.

In front of the Republic Assembly, the president of the Independent Union of the Police, Gotse Delchev Todev, said that it is necessary to return the workers to the country, emphasizing the young people who are continuously moving out.

On the other hand, the president of the Independent Trade Union for Education and Sciences, Tomislav Gievski, emphasized that the workers must not give up their demands at any time.The unions also demanded a limitation of fixed-time work in exceptional circumstances and to a maximum of one year, the right to a non-working Saturday and increased control over overtime, a reduction of full-time work to a 35-hour work week and the abolition of the 72-hour work week at strategic projects.

The president of the SSM, Slobodan Trendafilov, said that the workers of the new composition of the government expect to respect the indicated requirements. The vice president of SSM, Ivan Peshevski, addressed the Chamber of Commerce, who pointed out that every hour a worker loses his life at the workplace, that young people cannot decide on a family with the contracts in place and that workers’ salaries are not enough for a decent life .