The deserter Kovacevski can run away from answers, he can pretend to be dull, he can hide behind his friend, but the latest affair exposed the solar cartel that he created around him, weighing over 26 million euros, stressed VMRO-DPMNE.

There is a well-founded suspicion that businesses worth millions have been secured through trading with influence, while abusing state positions and functions. The company founded by Kovacevski, Pikcell Group together with a Bulgarian company founded AE SOLAR AD Tetovo for the production of photovoltaic panels in TIRZ TETOVO. All this happens after Kovacevski became prime minister. Symptomatically, the Bulgarian partner company was also established after Kovacevski became prime minister. This new investment, which we will call the “Bulgarian-Kovacevski” investment, according to the information from the media, should receive state aid, which would be a conflict of interests because the government led by Kovacevski will give aid to a business in which a company founded by Kovacevski, and run by his close friend, said the opposition party.

The party adds that for the murky deal to be complete, there is a well-founded suspicion that this company from Tetovo, which is part of the solar cartel connected to Kovacevski, should produce and sell photovoltaics for FEC Oslomej in which the state has a share.