The announcement that tomorrow President Stevo Pendarovski will give the mandate to Zoran Zaev to form a government did not surprise anyone. Pendarovski came at the helm of the country as a proposal of SDSM and it was to be expected that Zaev would get the opportunity to try to form a government.

But what is surprising is that Pendarovski is acting contrary to his statements made before the elections. In a TV show, he literally said “whoever comes to me with 61 signatures, I will give him the mandate”. Or a few weeks ago in an interview with “Fokus” he said that he would give it to the one who would assure him that they have 61 MPs.

However, in the announcement for entrusting the mandate, it is not mentioned anywhere that Zaev has secured 61 MPs. This means that Pendarovski will give Zaev an additional 20 days for trading MPs and blackmail, because it is obvious that Zaev does not have the required majority.

What are the guarantees of Zoran Zaev for Stevo Pendarovski when the leader of SDSM does not have 61 MPs? Pendarovski with his actions worked for Zaev even during the state of emergency due to the coronavirus which was extended several times. We all know that several key election-related decrees were passed during that period.

Experts say that Pendarovski violates the Constitution by giving a mandate without receiving official note from Talat Xhaferi that the Parliament is fully constituted. Experts ask if the Parliament is constituted, why Xhaferi currently has the role of chairman and not the Speaker of Parliament.

Professor Tanja Karakamiseva explains that the procedure for appointing a prime minister-designate to form a government by the President of the Republic is closely related to the act of constituting the Parliament in a manner as provided in Article 63 of the Constitution, but also in accordance with Chapter 2 of Rules of Procedure of the Parliament of Macedonia, in accordance with Articles 9 to 28.

How did Pendarovski decide to give the mandate to Zaev when he has no majority of MPs behind him as required by Article 90 of the Constitution, Karakamiseva stressed in a statement for “Republika”.