One of the gunmen at yesterday’s protest, who allegedly “defended” themselves from the peaceful crowd, is an employee of the Ministry of the Interior. Although Republika sent questions to the Ministry of the Interior early this morning to confirm the information about the identity of the person marked in the photos, the Ministry of the Interior did not respond to our messages until this moment.

However, in the interest of the truth, and even more of the public order and peace and safety of all of us, Republika learned the name that Spasovski cannot find out all day. Therefore, we invite the minister in charge of our security to call us, so that we can tell him who the person with the initials S.R. is. (the identity is known to the editors), employed in the archives of the Ministry of the Interior.

After Spasovski asked the citizens to identify the person who threw a Molotov cocktail at the Parliamenty, the search bore fruit and Spasovski’s police announced that they had already caught the perpetrator, an 18-year-old boy who confessed. Republika responded to the calls of the police to help punish the thugs, so here is a thug on a plate for Spasovski.