A few days ago, VMRO-DPMNE submitted extensive documentation to the Public Prosecutor’s Office, which, as it accuses, shows that the director of PE Vodovod Dusko Veskovski and Skopje Mayor Petre Shilegov rigged a contract worth 300,000 euros. In Saturday’s press release, the opposition party called on the Public Prosecutor’s Office not to cooperate with them, but to open a case, and said that failure to act opens suspicion that crime is being protected.

Veskovski and Silegov first hired the company, it completed the construction work, and even 2 months after it completed the work, they issues a call for tender to pay it. But Veskovski and Silegov do not stop here. If one looks at the contract, at the prices per items that have been entered by the company for which the contract was rigged, one can come to the conclusion that some things that until yesterday were paid at one price, are now two or three times more expensive, said VMRO-DPMNE.