The Vice President of VMRO-DPMNE, Aleksandar Nikoloski, heading the list of MP candidates in the fourth electoral district, said Sunday in Prilep said that there will be a victory in the city with a difference of seven thousand votes and that there will be a victory in all of Macedonia.

I expect a victory in all of Macedonia, in the 4th electoral district, biggest victory in Prilep because I know that from here the victory will start on July 15, we will defeat them and they will not know what happened to them, said Nikoloski.

What is happening in Prilep in the past three years is a picture for the whole of Macedonia, and that is corruption, crime, said Nikoloski, pointing out that two foreign investments came to Prilep and gave up when Zaev came.

In Prilep, Nikoloski also asked several questions to Zaev including whether his family appeared as a foreign investor in at least two European countries.

I call on him to answer if not I will give documents to the public and let the citizens see how they have become the richest family in the Balkans, Nikoloski said.