The political landscape in Macedonia has become increasingly tense, with significant challenges on the horizon. Many are looking towards the upcoming elections as a potential turning point in addressing these issues. One of the most pressing concerns is the state of the rule of law.

A notable shift from years past is the marked reduction in corruption. It is evident that corruption has reached an unprecedented low. Aleksandar Nikoloski, the Vice President of VMRO DPMNE, has highlighted this remarkable change in a column for the “Focus” portal.
Further in the column he says:

Years ago we talked about high-level corruption that was bad and now the system is collapsing and going down, which creates two phenomena. The economy is not progressing, on the contrary, it is going backwards and many people decide to leave, unable to fight in a system where you have to have a relative at the counter or pay something to do a simple job that should not be allowed. It is a sad truth that is happening to Macedonia.
If the citizens used to leave for economic and existential reasons, now they leave because there is no order in the country. Neither there is rule of law, nor system.
I am constantly in contact with the citizens, the first time the answer to why people leave changed intensively 3 to 5 years ago when they started to answer that there is no order, and others because of the children because there is no order in health care, education . Basic values were lost, and these are things that are fixed in 6 to 9 months. With good work you can have results. It is only necessary
We all know who the corrupt doctors are, but it needs to be investigated. Those who are not should be stripped of such an image, and those who are must not remain doctors and answer. We hear who the corrupt cops are. The same should be done there and in every other sector. If in every sector the state hits those who are a symbol of the destruction of the system, after that the healthy individuals will build the system, because I think that 90% of the people who do public work are quality and motivated, but 10% destroy the reputation and they are the most aggressive and destroy the system. Order must be made and the battle against corruption must start from the lowest level.

That battle should begin with abandoning the behind-the-scenes deal-making practices of politicians. Enough. For 30 years, secret agreements have been made that are destroying Macedonia. The faith of the people must be restored, writes Nikoloski.

Aleksandar Nikoloski’s column for the “Focus” portal to work according to laws and people should be freed.
For the fight against crime and corruption, the institutions should be freed and that battle should be done sectorally.