VMRO-DPMNE MP, Dimitar Stevanandzija, at Wednesday’s session discussing the government’s reshuffle, pointed out that this week the only brave man is the adviser to Dragan Tevdovski, who publicly stated that the “purge” was supposed to cover those who rigged million-dollar tenders and those who spent state money, and did not do their jobs.

For me, it is not brave to nominate a Minister of Culture who proudly says that the Macedonian language is a foreign language for him, it is not brave to nominate a minister who does not recognize the Macedonian language, for me it is unacceptable, Stevanandzija says, and adds:

For me it is much more important to find a brave man who will solve the problem with Eurokompozit, people go with tents in front of the government building and do not have to money to buy food.