Atrium, a construction company owned by the family of former VMRO-DPMNE member of Parliament Krsto Mukoski, won yet another public contract. The Mukoskis are having a streak of good luck winning public contracts after the head of the family turned his back on VMRO and voted in favor of renaming Macedonia.

The latest contract is worth 3 million denars and it was awarded by the Meteorological Bureau, which has Mukoski’s company renovate several weather stations. It is widely believed that the contracts are part of the deal Mukoski cut with the Government for his vote – while the main portion of it was to get him amnestied for the trumped up terrorism charges which prosecutor Vilma Ruskoska filed against him and a number of other VMRO members of Parliament.

Three of the representatives persecuted by Ruskoska broke under this form of pressure and vote with the Zaev regime to rename Macedonia, while others were charged by prosecutor Katica Janeva, while she was still operating on the same team as Ruskoska. Nine VMRO-DPMNE members of Parliament in total voted for the “new name”.