In September, outgoing Prime Minister Zoran Zaev reportedly “predicted” that Katica Janeva will be released from detention within days. This was revealed by VMRO-DPMNE official Antonio Milososki, who was part of the talks with Zaev’s SDSM party to reorganize the prosecutor’s office in light of Janeva’s major corruption scandal.

Zaev quickly denied Milososki’s claim, and his close ally Janeva was indeed ordered into another round of detention. But the “prophecy” eventually came true today, when the Appeals Court allowed her to swap the prison cell with house arrest in an apartment owned by her son Lazar, who is also a racketeering suspect.

Zaev’s demands that Janeva is made a permanent Special Prosecutor made just months ago, even as allegations of her off the charts abuse of office and corruption were flooding even from Zaev’s allies, made the entire investigation into the racketeering scandal look like a sham and as an attempt to hammer out a damage limitation deal between the disgraced prosecutor and the Government.