What could be sensed from the signing of the Good Neighborhood Agreement between Macedonia and Bulgaria is beginning to be realized in action. Macedonia will not be allowed to celebrate its history and culture through songs, dances, verses, literature, sports competitions…

Macedonia is no longer allowed to talk about topics related to the fascist period, which is a fact, but it is a painful topic for Bulgaria and Bulgarians.

Such a message also came from the Bulgarian association “Macedonia”, which told us not to hope for EU membership as long as October 11 is celebrated as a public holiday.

This was also seen yesterday at the celebration of the October 11 holiday in Kumanovo.

The choir also sang the song “A bre, Makedonce”, the anthem of the partisan movement in Macedonia. It was written by Krste Crvenkovski and Kole Casule, and it was arranged by Ordan Mihajloski – Ockata.

The last verse in the original song reads:

Let the damn fascists understand that the Macedonian name will not perish!

But, due to pressure from the government, the “damn fascists” disappeared and they sang it, “let the enemies understand, the Macedonian name will not perish”.

That this is not a coincidence, but a tendency was shown already at the celebration of Ilinden in Krusevo.

Then the choir in the song “Vo borba, vo borba” skipped the part where Goce Delcev is mentioned and “fascist blood is shed”.

Recently, the singing of the national anthem at cultural and sports competitions has been cut without the part with “Goce Delcev and the Ilinden people”.

The only positive example is the recent match between Macedonia and Bulgaria when our national anthem was performed in its entirety.