The government of Zoran Zaev is negotiating about the Macedonian language and identity away from the public eye. The conditions and demands set before the Macedonian government are hidden from the citizens. Zaev, Dimitrov and Osmani know, but they are hiding from the public.

It’s shameful to learn from Bulgaria that the Government is still negotiating with Bulgaria about new open issues in the midst of the holidays, says Stefan Andonovski from VMRO-DPMNE.

He reminded that a minister from the Bulgarian Government confirmed that there is a 12-point Annex submitted to the Macedonian Government, with extremely bad positions on the Macedonian identity. We warned about this Annex three months ago. As can be seen in the video, some of the demands for the Macedonian Government are education reforms, rewriting history, the attitude towards minorities, Macedonian history. It is shameful that the Macedonian identity, language and history are being discussed on TV shows in Sofia, without anyone in Macedonia knowing what is on the table. It is shameful that at the same time Dimitrov convinces the Macedonians that they should take a break from the dispute with Bulgaria, while Buckovski is preparing for a new meeting and discussions. It is shameful to hide the reality from the citizens and to create a false illusion that all issues are closed, he said.

Andonovski believes that the public deserves to know who saw the non-paper from Bulgaria and what does the 12-point Annex that the Government is hiding from the public eye contain?