The histories of Zoran Zaev and Zoran Verusevski are so intertwined it really makes no difference who will the wiretapping scandal will blow up with, says former SDSM party official Ivor Mickovski, about the latest revelations over the 2015 political crisis. Former spy chief Verusevski, who was instrumental in the 2000 wiretapping scandal as well, revealed in corut last week that the wiretaps which Zaev used since 2015 to grab power were “heavily modified. This, along with the collapse of the Special Prosecutor’s Office, prompted the public to begin to question the narrative about the events of the past four years, and Zaev, while on a visit to New York, scrambled to assure the press that Verusevski “did not mean what he said”.

Zaev tells us that Verusevski was disappointed because of what happened to the SPO, and that is why he made the statement. Yeah, right, he was so disappointed he went full VMRO. Is anybody listening to what he’s saying? What is the Prime Minister doing announcing what a witness will say in court? Why is he in touch with defense attorneys, why is he controlling the judiciary? This is a lost cause. There is no use passing the bombs among you, like in a cartoon. It will eventually explode with one of you, but you’re so intertwined it makes no difference who it is, Mickovski said.

Verusevski’s statement was widely seen as an attempt to disentangle himself from the 2015 wiretapping scandal. He was testifying in court in a case initiated by the SPO to determine, or more likely obfuscate, the origin of the wiretaps.