The leader of the Civic Option for Macedonia, which is part of the coalition “For the Renewal of Macedonia”, Stevco Jakimovski said at Thursday’s protest in front of the Government building that in these cold days people gather to prevent the national betrayal that several people in the Government want to commit toward Macedonia and the Macedonian people.

Jakimovski called on all citizens of Macedonia to unite to prevent Prime Minister Zoran Zaev from selling out Macedonian national landmarks, all the more so because at the end of World War II, Bulgaria wanted to conduct a census of Macedonians in the Pirin region of Macedonia and to give Yugoslavia the district of Blagoevgrad because Bulgaria did not consider it theirs.

Jakimovski stressed that history could not be negotiated with the Bulgarians because they interpret history as they wish depending on the circumstances, such as when they had to pay reparations for the occupation of Macedonia, they also gave Tsar Samuel as Macedonian Tsar, while Zaev now wants to make it Bulgarian.

The damage caused by the Social Democratic Union is not only Macedonian but also Balkan. That is why I call on all citizens of the Republic of Macedonia, regardless of religion, nation and political affiliation, to try and show strength and defend Macedonia, Jakimovski said.

Jakimovski emphasized that he is deeply convinced that interfering in history will be the end not only of Zoran Zaev but also of the Social Democratic Union.