Karakachanov clearly and loudly told us that this is what is happening to us, that they will block us on the road to the EU. They have a constant attitude towards Macedonia, and that is a negative attitude towards Macedonia. This was not obvious to those who signed the agreement with Bulgaria, Stevce Jakimovski from GROM said Wednesday on TV Kanal 5 “Samo vistina” show.

According to him, Macedonia does not negotiate, Macedonia is blackmailed.

The fact-establishing commission between Macedonia and Bulgaria should work and we can only agree that we will not call them Nazis and fascists, provided that the agreement is not annulled and other times will come and talks will be discussed from another position. Macedonia does not negotiate, but marketing strategies are made to hypnotize and accept the Agreement, he said.

Krasimir Karakachanov, said Jakimovski, is just a postman who conveys the attitudes of Bulgaria towards Macedonia, and that is that we are one people living in two countries.

Speaking about the negotiations with the EU and the announced blockades from Bulgaria, Jakimovski said:

If we go all the way in the negotiations with the EU and they block us in the end, then we will have no position. We need to say clearly and loudly that if they block the negotiations, we will terminate the agreement with Bulgaria, you will see how the pressure will turn on them.