From a different party, but with the same vision. Women, teachers, Center residents.

Professor Vesna Janevska, chair of the VMRO-DPMNE Education and Science Committee, strongly believes in the success of Centar mayoral candidate Natasha Kotlar.

She said that she had virtue, she had the courage when most people were silent, to come out and defend what its hers, to defend what is ours – identity, language, name.

She is a scientist, she is a researcher, people who have dedicated their lives to science, cannot run away from the truth, said Janevska about Kotlar, sincerely hoping for her victory.

Centar should be urban environment, the center of the center, young people who study, read… I hope that the intellectual thought will prevail which will allow the professor with all her energy and experience to change the city. I trust her, because we trust scientists. I believe that for the most part she will fulfill what she promises, because her promises are not megalomaniac and unrealistic, said Janevska.

Janevska called on the undecided and indecisive Centar people to give their vote to Kotlar for mayor who will change the life in the municipality.