There will be a third installment of the Racket scandal, predicts VMRO-DPMNE Secretary General Igor Janusev, after the dramatic testimony of Jordan Orce Kamcev yesterday revealed many new details about the widespread abuse of the judiciary for extortion under the Zaev regime.

VMRO-DPMNE demands a full investigation into this scandal, that revolves around Special Prosecutor Katica Janeva, but also into Racket 2, where Zaev’s top healthcare official are accused of extorting money from a large dialysis provider. Healthcare Minister Venko Filipce, whose name keeps showing up in these corruption allegations, was named as a participant in a meeting in the Racket trial yesterday. The opposition party insists that it has evidence in these and other cases, which will be revealed if the prosecutors don’t do their jobs.

We wanted to see how far they are willing to go with this madness. A fist full of criminals are running the country and think they can decide people’s faiths, and that their crimes will be covered up. But there will be sequels to Racket, cases which obviously can’t be resolved with these prosecutors. We already have Racket 2, and there is no report that the prosecutors have even began working on it. We have the medicine import scandal, where a person is willing to go in front of a TV camera and detail how he was pressured to pay a bribe and still there is no response from the prosecutors. We will see Racket 3, we will see additional installments and the public will be left astonished from the extent to which this Government was involved in crimes, Janusev said in an interview.