For several weeks now, the Macedonian people have been on the streets defending Macedonia from the injustices and oppression committed by the criminal and pathological liar in power, Zoran Zaev, who is selling out Macedonia and the Macedonian national symbols, MP Igor Janusev said at Friday’s protest in front of the government building held under the motto “Zaev’s resignation, freedom of the people!.

The man who has occupied the position of Prime Minister is a proven criminal with court proceedings, abolished, pardoned. The same man sells everything, they negotiate about Goce, about the state, about everything that is Macedonian. We should be ashamed only of them, of Zaev, of Buckovski and those around him. We have two proven criminals, two convicted criminals who negotiate about everything Macedonian, Janusev said.

Before the government, MP Janusev told them that justice is sometimes slow, but not blind and that for all this evil they are doing to Macedonia and the Macedonian people, they will get what they deserve, and will be brought to justice.

He called on all citizens to join the daily protests, because a single man is an enemy of Macedonia and the Macedonian people and all those who live in the Republic of Macedonia, and that man has a name and surname – Zoran Zaev.

It is time, said Janusev, to return the country in the hands of the people.