Igor Janusev, who leads the VMRO-DPMNE list of candidates in the 3rd, eastern electoral district, said that priorities for the party in the next four years will be completing the railway link to Bulgaria, and finishing several motorways that were initiated under the previous VMRO administration and left uncompleted.
The German contractor on the first stretch of the Kumanovo – Kriva Palanka railway, which should finally give Macedonia an alternative railway link to the north-south corridor with Serbia and Greece, recently quit the project, and it is stalled once more. Janusev said that this strategic project will be top priority for the next Government.

The region was serviced with a new Skopje – Stip highway, initiated and largely built under the Gruevski Government, but follow-up construction of motorways that would help make best use of this highway has also stalled. Janusev said that VMRO will focus on the motorways from Stip to Radovis and to Kocani, as well as a separate motorway from Kumanovo to Kriva Palanka, that would also improve the currently very difficult connection to Bulgaria.

We are looking to open two additional border crossings with Bulgaria, one would be an additional crossing near Delcevo, and the other, Klepalo – Sandanski, would give access to the citizens of the Berovo region to the Struma river valley, Janusev said.