VMRO-DPMNE Secretary General Igor Janusev asked the ruling SDSM party what kind of a victory over the judiciary is it celebrating today, given that it held complete control over this branch of Government for three years. SDSM is holding a “March for Justice” today, after the Parliament was pressured into adopting a new law on state prosecutors, that would entrench SDSM loyalists in key positions and would, ironically, ban the future use of wiretaps as evidence.

Zoran Zaev talks about the pursuit of justice even though he has absolute power in his pocket, including power over the judges and prosecutor, and hasn’t used it to put a single criminal behind bars. On the contrary, he released the murderer of Martin Neskovski, the murderers of the children killed in the Monster case, he released Agim Krasniqi and a 1.000 other convicted criminals. Zaev used prosecutor Ruskoska and judge Kacarska to attack his opponents while using prosecutor Joveski to shield himself, Janusev said.