“Talks for Renewal of Macedonia” have shown that citizens live in a difficult time filled with insecurity, revolt and many unresolved problems. Macedonia is on the wrong track, and the government is just wasting time. Every passing day means new problems, impoverishment, new blow to the dignity of the nation and the country, Igor Janusev, Secretary General of VMRO – DPMNE, said at a press conference on Tuesday.

As he added, due to the great interest of the citizens to talk about the problems, but also to come up with solutions together, the opposition VMRO – DPMNE decided to expand “Talks for Renewal of Macedonia” with two more actions which will benefit the citizens.

The first, organizing open days within the VMRO-DPMNE municipal committees. Second, micro-level meetings through direct and personal contact through neighborhood communities. This means that besides the regular visits as part of the “Talks for  Renewal of Macedonia” and the so-called open  corners, or stands, which we have organized so far in cities where citizens can share problems for which we will offer solutions, we are now expanding the activity with two more possibilities: open days in municipal committees, and direct and personal meetings in neighborhood communities, VMRO – DPMNE Secretary General said.