VMRO-DPMNE Secretary-General Igor Janusev, speaking on TV Terra, pointed out that the party has always advocated for European integration, and Macedonia joining the EU and NATO. But this government is only manipulating the citizens, and they have done nothing except sign the damaging Prespa Agreement.

When it comes to the state, when it comes to something that is good for all citizens, it is absolutely irrelevant where the proposal for early ratification of the NATO membership protocol came from. But if the question is where the proposal came from? It came from our side, or specifically from President Mickoski’s proposal at the leaders’ meeting we had with President Pendarovski, where the elections were agreed. But again, it does not matter that it came from us, when something is good for the state is absolutely irrelevant where it comes from, Janusev explained.

Janusev added that the NATO thing is in fact a success of virtually all previous governments so far. Because every government since 1991 has been pushing for the same thing.

If there is a party, normally from the major political parties and major entities in the Republic of Macedonia, that was first to officially made a declaration and put it as part of its statutory commitments, or in the statute of the party for Euro-Atlantic integration ie NATO and EU integration, that is VMRO-DPMNE, Janusev said.

Janusev explained that in terms of European integration that Zoran Zaev can boast of is that he is trying to disguise and present his failure in virtually all fields of society to the citizens ie to deceive the citizens that now the EU will solve all our problems. And that’s a total lie. The EU is asking us, our state, to resolve these issues so that we can join it and be full -fledged members.