The Secretary General of VMRO-DPMNE, Igor Janusev, head of the list in the 3rd electoral district on the last day of the campaign was at the final meeting with the citizens in Stip. Janusev told the audience that the best four years for Macedonia are coming and said “on July 15, circle number 14 for 14 MPs in the 3rd electoral district”.

We have before us the virus of crime and corruption, lies and manipulations and that virus has name and surname – Zoran Zaev. His every appearance is a new lie. My rival Ljupco Nikolosvki did not come out to face me, to debate, he did not come out because he has nothing to say, he is a loser, Janusev said.

Secretary General Janusev said that yes, this government could have done much more for the people, but they forgot the people.

Janusev also referred to the “Renewal” program.

It is a program with projects and measures projecting 25% higher percent salaries, more than 20% higher pensions, gasification to every home, 4 billion euros of investment, a lot of investment in health, education, health and culture. We pledge to implement every solution, Janusev said.