It is obvious that the process of constitutional amendments will fail and we have to know what to do next. If we continue with this irresponsible government then we’ll face a deep political crisis with all the repercussions, to say the least”, the VMRO-DPMNE MP Toni Jarevski said on Monday in an interview with Telma TV.

Jarevski pointed out that this irresponsible Government pushed us into this problem, with the constitutional amendments being just part of that problem – there are also the protocols and the undertaken obligations that we cannot meet.

“The problem is much larger – on one hand, we have the need to continue the euro-integrations, while on the other, we have the huge problem of immigration. And of course we have huge immigration, when the Government put us in a situation to make steps backward, not forward”, Jarevski said.

He added that, when talking about the Macedonian national interests, VMRO-DPMNE is always on the palisades, while issues like the amendments require elections and the people to state their position.

“We need a clear, precise plan. In general, the plan that we will offer to the voters will primarily protect all our national and identity issues, protect the cultural features, and so on. The second part of the plan is focused on the economic – social package, and the third on the Macedonian uniqueness”, Jarevski concluded.