Jasmin Rexhepi, the husband of SDSM activist Mersiha Smailovic, confirmed that he was part of the 2010 Gaza flotilla incident, but still announced that he will sue journalist Ljupco Zlatev who revealed this.

In an interview with a left wing news site, Rexhepi insists that Zlatev’s report is “fake news”. He described himself as a distinguished humanitarian and the Gaza flotilla as a cargo of humanitarian assistance manned by “human rights activists” which was “attacked by the Israeli army in international waters”.

It was not us attacking the helicopters, the helicopters attacked us, and the people on the boat defended themselves. We were unarmed. We were not extradited from Israel as is now reported, we were not tried because they (Israel) were aware that this is kidnapping of aid workers in international waters, Rexhepi said.

Ljupco Zlatev replied that he has already won a slander suit filed against him by Xhabir Deralla, the editor of the Civil news site which published Rexhepi’s rebuttal, and that he will easily prove the veracity of his report about Rexhepi as well.

The cross-examination in court will reveal if he is an Islamic extremist, Zlatev said.

The story broke after Rexhepi’s wife Mersiha Smailovic gained notoriety when, in a social media comment, she told the first Jewish Minister appointed to the Macedonian Government, Rasela Mizrahi, to wear the star of David.