The joint Macedonian-Bulgarian commission on historical and educational issues will hold on Thursday and Friday the 16th meeting online due to the coronavirus pandemic.

At the previous meeting that took place during the election period in both countries – in our country between the two rounds of local elections, and in Bulgaria during the campaign for the presidential and early parliamentary elections, no solutions and recommendations were adopted.

The members of the Commission from the Macedonian side briefed MIA at the time that no decisions and recommendations had been adopted due to “the exclusive approach of the colleagues from Sofia and their insistence to impose their view of the past.”

Ahead of today’s meeting of the Commission, the Bulgarian co-chair Angel Dimitrov said that he would discuss “what has been discussed for five meetings in a row.”

We are stuck in the 10th-11th century – the end of the First Bulgarian Empire, the time of Tsar Samuil and his successors. There is no time left to talk about the joint celebration of the two countries of Goce Delcev, says Dimitrov.