Toni Menkinoski, the lawyer representing businessman Jordan Orce Kamcev, said that Kamcev was exposed to organized degradation in the Sutka prison, by both guards and prisoners last week.

During his transfer to the Skopje courthouse, to attend trial in a politically motivated case, Kamcev was handcuffed with his hands behind his back, dropped to the ground and searched by the guards, while the other prisoners were sent there to mock him.

This treatment is in violation of the law governing the treatment of prisoners. The court is bound to investigate this incident. Mr. Kamcev had no blood left in his arms during this incident, Menkinoski said. “This was nothing less than abuse”, Kamcev added before the court.

A number of international media outlets recently reported on the treatment of Kamcev in the prison. He was arrested in early 2021, after exposing the major Racket scandal, in which it was shown that the Zaev regime was extorting miilions from him using Zaev’s top prosecutor Katica Janeva.