Answering a question whether the candidate for mayor in Stip is known, VMRO-DPMNE MP Ivan Jordanov said Wednesday in an interview with TV Kanal 5, that it is not known yet, but whoever he is the city must continue to develop, unlike now under the rule of SDSM.

VMRO-DPMNE has not yet published the proposals for mayor candidates, including for Stip. But I am convinced that whatever the proposal of VMRO-DPMNE is, Stip should continue in that direction of development of the city at the moment when VMRO-DPMNE was in power, he said.

When VMRO-DPMNE participates in the government in Stip, then the city develops. In the past years in Stip we did not see anything else, except make-up, cosmetics and populism, unlike what we see today, under VMRO-DPMNE Stip developed and grew into a health, educational and cultural center, thanks to the series of projects that were realized from a local aspect, but also from a central government intended for Stip, said Jordanov.