My motive for running for mayor of the Municipality of Kicevo are the children and the entire youth in the city for which there are no appropriate conditions for growth, development and socialization, VMRO-DPMNE’s candidate for mayor of Kicevo, Aleksandar Jovanoski, said in an interview with TV21.

I have three children and thinking about them, I see that there are no conditions for normal growth and development of our children starting from kindergartens, appropriate schools, gyms and similar children’s corners where they would normally develop physically and mentally and would have a normal social life, said Jovanoski.

He adds that on the other hand in recent years it can be seen that this city is not moving forward, in Kicevo, unfortunately there are settlements where there are still no sewers and faeces are flowing on streets, villages that are empty and there are no young people, precisely because lack of basic living conditions.

We are attacked by stray dogs on the streets, faeces are flowing on the streets, we have settlements where there are no sewers, unfortunately, in the 21st century. Unfortunately, in our villages where there are young people, there are children who live there and do not have any conditions where to socialize, play sports and develop normally, said Jovanovski.

Jovanovski stressed that he, as a man who is fully realized and at an age that seeks social activism for the benefit, especially of the environment in which he lives, decided not to be an observer anymore but to take concrete steps that will make changes that will benefit all citizens of Kicevo.

So, I, as a person of age seeking social activity, a person who has realized himself as a professional, as a doctor, decided to act and try to change something in relation to all citizens, said Jovanoski.

He also shared information from his private life, adding that he is in a mixed marriage, ie his wife is an ethnic Albanian and that he has very good relations with her family members, celebrating holidays together and that he wants to convey this positive energy of coexistence to all citizens.