I do not share the assessment that the Prosecutor’s Office acts selectively and succumbs to political influence. If the Prosecutor’s Office is under political influence, it probably would not have opened cases against holders of public office, said State Public Prosecutor Ljubomir Joveski in an interview with MIA.

I have repeatedly emphasized that I do not share such an assessment and I always illustrate it with indisputable data. In recent years we have filed charges against a Vice President of Parliament, a Secretary General of a Ministry, we have initiated proceedings against judges and public prosecutors and other holders of public office, emphasizes Joveski.

He points out that he is aware of the public perception that the Prosecutor’s Office is influenced by politics and certain powerful people, but, as he adds, he is convinced that prosecutors make their own decisions without external influence.

I always advocate for public prosecutor’s decisions to be made in the Public Prosecutor’s Office, not to depend on politics or certain financial, economic or any centers of power, said the State Public Prosecutor.