As expected, Judge Ognen Stavrev pushed to have a sentence in one of the Special Prosecutor’s Office cases aganst former Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski and former Transportation Minister Mile Janakieski, but eventually had to postpone the trial for tomorrow. Janeva gave the case flashy name – TNT – as it concerns the demolition of a residential complex built by controversial businessman Fijat Canoski.

Three of the lawyers representing the defendants did not show up for the hearing today, following the marathon, 12 hours long hearing yesterday. Stavrev fined them 2.000 EUR each. Two of them had prior hearings, but the judge insisted that the hearing must take place. The third had his power of attorney revoked.

Stavrev is pushing to have a sentence delivered to outgoing Prime Minister Zoran Zaev, after Zaev vowed to pressure the judiciary and speed up the cases against his political opponents, as the early elections date draws near. Stavrev began scheduling hearings at a hectic pace, even to the detriment of other cases, such as the Good Friday massacre retrial.