Friday marks the first anniversary of the start of the Strategic Dialogue between Macedonia and the USA, which was launched on June 2 last year in Washington D.C., together with the US Secretary of State Antony Blinken, which is a significant milestone in the overall bilateral relations between the two countries.

Foreign Minister Bujar Osmani and the US Ambassador Angela Aggeler extended their messages of congratulations on the anniversary of the Strategic Dialogue via video, reaffirming their joint commitment to further strengthening cooperation and significant support for our European integration process.

“As strategic partners, numerous activities are expecting us in the period ahead to address all challenges that Macedonia is facing, such as further strengthening the authentic model of functional multi-ethnic democracy that our country enjoys, combatting corruption, investing in infrastructure, as well as the country’s EU integration, which is a shared strategic interest of both countries,” Osmani said.

The US Ambassador Aggeler reaffirming strong support to the country’s EU integration process, saying that the United States always has been, and always will be our steadfast supporter and greatest friend.

“We will stand with you shoulder to shoulder as you reach your goals of security, prosperity and opportunity within the European community,” Aggeler stressed.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that within the framework of the Strategic Dialogue, the Ministry as the coordinator of the overall process, in cooperation with the competent institutions, has prepared an action plan for implementation of projects in different areas. With its adoption at the government session, all activities within the framework of the dialogue became part of the government’s work program.

Aimed at successful implementation of the adopted action plan, all ministries, institutions and agencies of the country that have competences in its implementation have nominated persons who monitor the implementation of the activities under their competence and submit quarterly report on their status and dynamics of implementation to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.