Justice Minister Renata Deskoska says that her SDSM party should accept holding early general elections along with the presidential scheduled in spring. Deskoska is the first high ranking SDSM official who accepted the initiative from the opposition VMRO-DPMNE party to call for early general elections.

Her comment was announced in excerpts from the upcoming interview she gave with pro-SDSM Alsat TV.

VMRO-DPMNE insists that the string of diplomatic defeats, in which Macedonia made concessions on some of the fundamental national issues, especially with regard to Greece, and the political terror that accompanied this process, call for holding urgent elections.

Under the so-called Przino rules, Prime Minister Zaev should resign almost immediately, if the general elections are to be held in late April, and key ministers should also step down and their departments assumed by VMRO-DPMNE nominees, to ensure that an end is put to the use of the police and the judiciary against the opposition.

SDSM lost the 2016 early elections, and only formed the Government owing to increased ethnic Albanian support before and after the elections. Polls show that their policies are costing them badly among the ethnic Macedonian base. Some of the supporters of this Government, like EU Commissioner Johannes Hahn, spoke against holding early elections.