Bulgarian historian Naum Kajcev believes that Macedonia must include the Bulgarian minority in its constitution within a reasonable time frame.

Kajcev explained that relations between the two countries must go in harmony and package.

As the economy, the culture, the infrastructure, so the common understanding of history should be in harmony, said the Bulgarian historian.

He also told “BTV” that the work of the Joint Historical Commission should not be frozen.

According to him, at the beginning of the work of the Commission in 2018 and 2019, there were some results, but the Bulgarian decisions have not been made public yet.

In Skopje, they do not agree for them to be a public fact and to be published. There has been a stagnation for two and a half years and that is mainly due to the inability of Macedonian historians to adhere to the spirit and text of the Good Neighborly Agreement, accuses Kajcev.

The historian says that Goce Delcev himself has clearly left evidence of his beliefs and we should adhere to them.

Unlike Tsar Samuil, regarding Goce Delcev, Macedonian historians do not agree with the spirit and beliefs of Goce Delcev himself, added Kajcev, who is a member of the Joint Historical Commission between the two countries.