The trials against me are revenge for the Racket scandal, said detained businessman Jordan Orce Kamcev during the hearing in the Skopje court today.

Kamcev faces several charges initiated by prosecutors loyal to the Zaev regime against him, and has been detained since March. In 2019, he broke wide open the major Racket scandal, which showed how Zaev loyalists such as Special Prosecutor Katica Janeva were extorting millions from him, likely sharing the money with the top of the ruling party.

The fact that the prosecutor performed serious forgery and is manipulating the judges proves that this case is another battle in the war that the prosecution wages against me. This is all because of the well known Racket scandal, and is now being intensified to the point that I’m kept in prison for six months over two sentences on one single piece of paper, Kamcev said.

He was detained on request from prosecutor Lile Stefanova, who was a central figure in the Racket scandal as well, based on a report from a politicized security agency stating that Kamcev was allegedly planning to flee the country. Kamcev attended a hearing in the case where he is charged with purchasing land in Skopje, allegedly for the VMRO-DPMNE party.