The defense team for businessman Jordan Orce Kamcev announced they will turn to the Council of Europe, the Association for the Prevention of Torture, the Ombudsman and the Helsinki Committee to protest the treatment of Kamcev in prison.

They say that the businessman is subjected to degrading, humiliating treatment, in a cell with no running water, limited drinking water, no light or fresh air. “This inhumane treatment and the torture he is enduring makes Kamcev’s health situation worse by the day”, the attorneys said.

Kamcev was detained in one of the politically motivated trials that the Zaev regime is conducting against the opposition and its political opponents. He faced extortion attempts from the regime and especially from Special Prosecutor Katica Janeva, who initiated many of the charges that helped bring the SDSM party and Zoran Zaev to power in 2017. Kamcev documented the extortion attempts and publicized them, leading to the major Racket trial and a seven year sentence for Janeva for abuse of office. He stopped short of alleging that Zaev himself was linked in the extortion, but never the less, the regime is now lashing out against him and had him detained.