Bulgarian Defense Minister Krasimir Karakacanov accused the Zaev regime of going after Macedonian businessman Jordan Orce Kamcev with the purpose of extorting more money from him. Kamcev, who is honorary Bulgarian consul in Macedonia, was recently detained after reports that he is planning to flee the country (likely to Bulgaria) as the Zaev regime maintains a number of investigations against him. Kamcev already proved that he was subject to massive extortion from Zaev’s close ally, former Special Prosecutor Katica Janeva, who was removed from office and sentenced to seven years in prison after Kamcev revealed evidence that she was racketeering him.

Kamcev is a Bulgarian citizens, he was here last year, and if he wanted to flee Macedonia he would’ve simply stayed here. He has a Bulgarian identity card that allows him to cross the border into Bulgaria, Greece and Albania, but he didn’t do it. Such businessmen have a lot of money and they can flee a country and buy their freedom easily. The reports that Bulgarian agents were planning Kamcev’s escape from the country are nonsense. It is cooked up by people like Viktor Dimovski and his gang (head of the ANB security service in Macedonia) with one goal – to expel successful people from their country and to extort money from the businessmen, Karakacanov said.

The ANB service, which is successor to the Yugoslav era UDBA security service, submitted a report that Kamcev is allegedly planning to flee the country, that led to his detention.