Bulgarian Defense Minister Krasimir Karakacanov welcomed Zoran Zaev’s positions in the BGNES interview by saying that, “as a Bulgarian, his brain runs a day late”. It was Karakacanov’s way to say that Zaev eventually came around to the demands from Sofia, and also to call the Macedonian Prime Minister – a Bulgarian.

In the old Bulgarian custom, the Bulgarian’s brain runs a day late. It is so with our colleague Zaev, Karakacanov said.

He added that Zaev should’ve done more in the past three years in implementing the 2017 Zaev – Borisov treaty, and he wouldn’t be in such difficult position now, to have to deliver on all the concessions Bulgaria wants in just a matter of days. Karakacanov then continued mocking Macedonia for allegedly claiming 500.000 years old historic artefacts in Indonesia.