Bulgarian Defense Minister Krasimir Karakacanov reacted angrily after the US State Department, in its annual human rights report, noted thet Bulgaria continues to refuse Macedonian minority organizations to even register, let alone become active. The report cites OMO Ilinden and other Macedonian organizations who sought to be registered by the Bulgarian state but were denied.

It also notes the recent reaction from the Euroepan Committee for the Prevention of Torture on this issue. It was Karakacanov’s nationalist party who used the Bulgarian judiciary to prevent the registration of Macedonian organizations.

They view Bulgaria as Zanzibar, they don’t know our problems but write as if they do. Let me ask those scoundrels in the US State Department, where did they see this Macedonian minority? They take into account the reports from some Soros funded organizations and NGO groups who are made to spit on Bulgaria. Where are these repressed Macedonians in Bulgaria? Let them write what they want. Will they recognize a Texan or an Arizonian minority in America? No, because their policy is to integrate all and to make them Americans. Why should they enhance their statehood and we splinter ours?, Karakacanov said.