Bulgarian Defense Minister Krasimir Karakacanov rejected any possibility that Bulgaria will change its mind on Macedonia under pressure from the new Biden – Harris administration. Biden is expected to call on Bulgaria to end its blockade of Macedonia and allow the opening of EU accession talks. But, as during the name issue with Greece, Bulgarian politicians who are invested in the dispute with Macedonia often like to publicly confront with great powers they portray as putting pressure in favor of Macedonia.

Joe Biden has the right to his own opinion, as do I. In my country of Bulgaria, a common Bulgarian citizen has more right to his own opinion than the President of a major power, be it the US. I don’t see a Bulgarian politician who would change his mind and alter the decision of the Parliament under pressure. What would Bulgaria gain from that? Nothing, Karakacanov said.

Karakacanov went on to list allegations against Macedonian officials, saying that some are calling for the expulsion of Bulgarians fom Macedonia, another published a list of Bulgarians that need to be attacked and a third used vile language for the Bulgarian Foreign Minister. All this, according to Karakacanov, leaves no room to Bulgaria to be lenient.