Bilal Kasami, the leader of the Besa movement and head of the list of the coalition “We Can” in the sixth electoral district, addressed Sunday gatherings in the settlement of Novo Maalo in Gostivar and in the village of Zdunje. Addressing the people in Gostivar, Kasami said the elections were important because, as he stressed, a political party that had committed major abuses through the years would be overthrown.

We want to send the message that the time has come for DUI to finally go into opposition. This is due to the fact that for more than 18 years they have managed to abuse the state positions in their personal interest, for personal gain and that of members of their families. So now you have that opportunity, by voting for number 3, you will vote for the Besa movement and for the “We Can” coalition and bring to power a new elite of politicians who will take care of your interests, and above all take care of your health, your good future. We guarantee that we can take care of your economy and your interests, said Kasami.