Presenting the election offer, we debated with the guests Muharem Muharemi, Adnan Beadini, Fehri Hetemi, Hamdi Saiti, Vigan Rustemi and Drilon Vejseli, with whom we concluded that I, as the future mayor of Tetovo, should have urban planning as our top priority, said Besa’s candidate for mayor of the Municipality of Tetova, Bilal Kasami.

He stressed that the poor management of that sector in the Municipality of Tetovo brought real urban and traffic chaos, which, as he said, made life difficult for the citizens by increasing the level of stress and destroying the image of Tetovo.

We will make a feasibility study and revise and expand the urban plan, we will solve the parking problem by building parking lots on floors with steel construction, long-term waste management solutions, we will expend green public areas for recreation for children and other adults groups, we will expand urban areas, regulate the road infrastructure and opening of three boulevards as the main “artery” of the city: Boulevard Centar-Ilinden, extend the boulevard Blagoja Toska and boulevard Vidoe S. Bato, regulatie sidewalk and public lighting, Kasami said.