The leader of the Besa Movement believes that a government reconstruction is needed. Kasami said yesterday on the “Click Plus” show that it is necessary to move the figures in the Government. He added that he would now consider twice whether to vote for the same cabinet again.

Kasami did not answer which current DUI minister he would not vote for. However, he added that there will be consideration of positions within the coalition partners.

In the political parties we have taken responsibility, we have individuals and structures at the local level who have taken responsibility for nominating certain people to head the municipalities and municipal councils. Yes, I maintain my position as president of the Besa Movement that the positions within the political parties but also within the coalition partners should be reconsidered, said Bilal Kasami.

DUI did not give a specific answer to the idea of government reconstruction, but added that the topics related to the Government and what ‘s next were still being discussed.

Talks between the coalition partners that started two weeks ago are still ongoing, said Bujar Osmani.

SDSM says that as soon as they have information on this matter, they will inform the public.