Journalist Sase Dimovski, who a seasoned courthouse reporter, believes that the scandal developing over Special Prosecutor Katica Janeva will bring down the Zoran Zaev Government.
Janeva is suspected of corruption after her associate Bojan Jovanovski – Boki 13, and his accomplice Zoran Mileski – Zoki Kicheec, were charged with extorting 1.5 million EUR from a businessman, while promising him they’ll get Janeva to drop her charges against him.

The two were extorting money on behalf of Katica Janeva and got a month in detention. Knowing what they are made of, I expect them to talk and to detail who was clued in the 1.5 million EUR. Expect to see Katica Janeva arrested. Her resignation won’t save her. Katica Janeva’s downfall drags the trust in the rule of law with it, and is a step toward the toppling of the Zoran Zaev Government and early general elections, Dimovski said.

He also detailed an attempt by Mileski to silence him and stop him from reporting, which included dozens of late night phone calls from different phones, even as Dimovski was undergoing a surgery.