We had a friend who worked 24 hours a day for the party, he was fired by Aleksandar Kiracovski, because we accused him of bringing all his mistresses and employing them from the villages of Prilep and Bitola, SDSM activist and former loud participant in the Colored Revolution, Meri Nikolova Buxhaku said on TV Alfa’s “Sto ne e jasno” show.

We feel very poor, not me as a person, as Meri Nikolova, but those people who are surrounded with, with intellectuals who are left on the street and have not been paid for months, we pay rent, we ask the state to give us social housing, for two unemployed intellectuals, says Nikolova Buxhaku.

She pointed out that while Zaev rides motorcycles and has marijuana fields, which is not a small thing and a lot of money, real intellectuals are on the street, jobless and without their own home.