I accuse of high treason, of betraying the Macedonian principles, of shallowness, of ignorance, of short-sightedness, of self-abolition, of lack of vision, of love for power, of selfishness, of injustice, of lack of sense of geopolitical strategy, of working against state interests. I accuse of disintegration of Macedonia on all grounds, on all seams, academician Ljupco Kocarev wrote in a column for “Nova Makedonija”.

I accuse of an enslaved Macedonia, a Macedonia stripped of its identity, of handing over Macedonia voluntarily, out of pleasure, for a handful of dollars, for an unreal dream, for an illusion, for a “higher goal”. I accuse of big lies, crucial betrayals and empty promises that made our lives aimless, idealess, unreal, anxious, depressed, confused, desperate. I accuse of destroying the Macedonian people, the Macedonian name, everything that is Macedonian, he wrote.