Macedonian Academy President Ljupco Kocarev condemned the plans by the Education Ministry to abolish the Macedonian language and literature studies at the main public Ss. Cyril and Methodius university in Skopje.

The two courses will be rolled in with other literature and language studies. According to Kocarev, this is in line with other attempts by the Zaev regime to accept demands from Bulgaria, Greece, and other neighboring countries that aim to weaken the Macedonian national identity.

The message that is being sent at home and abroad is clear. It will result with the abolition of many Macedonian language lectorates across the world, Kocarev warned.

In his comment, he cited verses from Blaze Koneski, the scholar who codified the Macedonain language after the Second World War. Macedonia currently celebrates the year of Blaze Koneski, who was born a 100 years ago.