A new scandal is on the horizon, and again at the center of this scandal is Skopje Mayor Petre Silegov. We have well-founded suspicions that the very announced subsidies for inverter air conditioners are a big fraud and abuse behind the half realization of the project, and they are distributed without meeting the criteria, selectively, and all based on party and personal grounds, said Svetlana Kolaric, councilor in Council of the City of Skopje.

We also have suspicions that the personal data of the applicants are not protected and treated in accordance with the law and abuse is possible. We base our reasonable suspicions on a previous report from the city services and as an counseling group of VMRO-DPMNE and the coalition we requested insight into the documentation and we are obliged to publish the incomplete documentation, with numerous omissions and irregularities said Kolaric.

She added that VMRO-DPMNE suspects that subsidies for inverter air conditioners have been distributed to party people living in the central city area where it is known that there is central heating, while entire settlements such as Gjorce Petrov, Dracevo, Lisice, Radisani and others where there is no central heating and air pollution is high, there are not enough subsidies.